Psychic Spiritual Readings

A Psychic Spiritual Reading by Claudia will help you see more clearly in to all matters such as love career family and can help you find spiritual peace. If you are feeling overwhelmed lost or even alone Claudia along with your spirit guides can give you the answers and insight you have been searching for and will show you that you are not helpless but in fact in control and in tune with the universe. Knowing this will show you the power you have to create and manifest the lifestyle that brings you true happiness. Take back your power by learning from the past healing in the present and by taking control of your future !

Your spiritual session begins by Claudia connecting to your energy and your spirit guides next she will begin the mixing and then reading of angel cards. The spirit guides speak through your energy and Angel cards this give Claudia a clear view in to your life’s path and she will be then able to see all aspects in your reading . This will help you better understand your current life’s goals relationships and events. Next you will be able to ask your spirit guides your specific questions or concerns. You may ask your spirit guides any thing you may have on your mind they will bring you the truth in all of your questions you may ask them but Claudia will always give there answers and messages in a non judgmental manner and never harshly. By knowing all you can truly shape a better quality of life and well being. Finally all of the reading are finished off with a analyze of your 7 chakras . Claudia will then determine if any chakras are blocked or out of balance if so she may give you tips to heal and may even offer further help by suggesting one of her Spiritual Chakras Programs that are designed to heal and balance the client.

We provide the best & accurate spiritual psychic readings to help you with the recurring problems in your life. Try our services in San Jose sillcon vally !

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50-60 min session $95.00

120 min session includes a reading & a chakra balancing Treatment session. $180.00

( NOTE balancing is different then chakra healing whice is deeper form of healing the chakras and are only offered by Claudia through her exstened healing programs ) please ask about more details!